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CB Marketing Nerd Is Here To Help You Grow Your Business and Shrink Your To-Do List
Look, I get it...

Running a business takes everything you have and THEN SOME.

It can be overwhelming to grow your business...

Do you add more payroll? Do you have time to manage more people? What if they leave?

What if I told you, growing your business substantially would take an hour of your time?

Are you listening yet?

Growing businesses is what I do.  It's my sole focus

Imagine having a professional marketing staff on your side 24/7...

Get started with your copy of my FREE Marketing Guide: Nerd Marketing 101.
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"Have You Ever Felt Lost As An Entrepreneur...
Or Just Can't Seem to Get Ahead, Month After Month?"
From: CB Marketing Nerd
Subject: Calling All Business Owners!
Have you ever felt lost without a map as a business owner?

You know what I'm talking about.  Each day you wake with fire in your belly, ready to take on the thousands of tasks in front of you...

Only as the day winds down...
You realize something startling...
You now have one thousand and one to-dos...
You swear you worked your hardest all day!
You know there has to be a better path...

And then...
You Wake Up And Do It All Again!
Over and over it repeats...

You're not sure how the break the cycle.
You feel like no one on your team really understands.
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You find yourself stuck in an internal back and forth...between giving in and just toughing it out until things get better, but even still, you're not sure it will ever work out...
You know growing a business is never simple, but you're determined, so you make a little to-do list of new things to try...

Maybe you even decide to start taking these to-do's head on, starting Monday!

Monday morning you come in and get pulled in another direction for a few minutes...

Those minutes somehow become hours, then days, then weeks

Despite the best intentions, the only items getting done are the day-to-day.
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This Is Where Most Business Dreams Die...
Somewhere between your BIG IDEA...and your limitations on time and energy... you'll find the "valley of death"...
Trending Down | Arrow | Failing Business
What Happened To The Good Old Days 
  • a person with great products that's excited to sell...
  • and ready to sell...
Could Just Open A Store Front And Actually Sell!
Well, I'm here to tell you that there is a solution to all your headaches!

I want to introduce you to BuffaBrand Marketing: Home of CB Marketing Nerd.
BuffaBrand Marketing | BBM | One Source. One Solution
A new company that will let you:
...Take Back Control Of Your Day To Day Operations, While Growing Your Business!
Yes, BuffaBrand Marketing Was Created So Entrepreneurs Like You...
  •  ...who love what they do
  •  ...who can't possibly work anymore hours
  •  ...who can't afford unlimited staff
...Can Easily Scale Their Business Operations Through Proven Planning & Conversion Strategies!
My Industry Is Different.  How Is Someone Outside Of It Going To Be Able To Help? 
This is a super common misconception. "No one understands my business".  
Trust me, although every industry has unique challenges, the core concepts of business remain the same.
We truly believe that a perspective from outside of an industry is actually a strength, because a fresh look can provide breakthroughs.  
Also, we will learn a lot about your business before we provide any insights, so you can tell us anything we need to know during our introduction.
If I Fill Out This Form, Am I Going to Get Tons of Calls & Emails? 
Of course not!  What you can expect is a totally FREE MARKETING GUIDE. 
Beyond that is up to you. 
If you want to work with us, awesome. If not, that's cool. 
The clients we work with are highly motivated to take their business to the next level. 
If that sounds like you, we can connect for an intro call or coffee.
Basically, we'll be here if you need us.
I'm Not Sure I can Really Afford Marketing Help; What Is This Going To Cost? 
We understand.
Growing a business is tough and choosing where to spend money can be very stressful. 
We build every strategic plan around the client, thus we can make progress with any budget. 
Also, you’re here right? If you won’t invest in your own dreams, who’s going to? Bet on yourself.
We never charge for our marketing guide or intro conversation, so let's chat!
What If I'm Not Really Sure What I'm Looking For?
The short answer is this.  Most people aren't sure, but they know they need to do something!
Scaling a business takes a strong plan and a lot of hard work implementing that plan.
We can help assess your business to uncover opportunities for growth and possible weaknesses to overcome.
There doesn't need to be something "wrong" in order to take action.  Sometimes you just need a little boost!
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